Naturist Massage: The Ultimate Guide

Naturist massage is often used as a catch-all term for all types of nude massage. But where exactly does the concept come from, and how can you experience it for yourself? We've put together the quintessential guide to naturist massage, uncovering its roots and explaining how you might benefit. Read on and enjoy...

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First Things First: What Is Naturism?

Naturism or nudism is a cultural movement advocating social nudity. Nudist clubs, beaches and resorts (sometimes called ‘sun clubs’) provide locations across the UK and abroad where naturists can legally go clothes-free amongst like-minded individuals.

Naturist activities available include swimming, sports and massage and promote health through a natural lifestyle.


What Is Naturist Massage?

Naturist massage (or nudist massage) means both the client and the massage therapist are nude. The masseuse can be either male or female. The massage may include full-body contact with the therapist (known as body to body massage) and can also include genital stimulation, possibly leading to sexual release. However, while intimate, naturist massage need not necessarily be sexual.

Many people choose naturist massage because they feel more comfortable being nude when their therapist is also clothes-free. It can help them to relax and build a bond with their therapist.


A History of Naturism

Social nudity (when weather permitted) was considered normal for thousands of years prior to the Industrial Revolution. Until the 18th century, swimming was almost always done in the nude, as many Roman murals testify.

Bathing suits weren’t introduced in the UK until 1737, for use within public baths but people continued to enjoy swimming naked in the rivers, lakes and sea. Swimming in the nude was banned in the UK in 1860.

A History of Naturist Massage

Naturism as a movement is believed to have originated in Germany in the early 1900s following the publication of various philosophical papers discussing the health benefits of a natural lifestyle. This included physical fitness, vegetarianism, abstinence from tobacco and alcohol and exposing the naked body to fresh air and sunlight.

The first nudist club, Freilichtpark (Free-Light Park), was opened in 1903 near Hamburg. ‘Nacktkultur’ (nude culture) quickly grew in popularity, with clubs opening across Germany, as well as in France and England. In 1943 The British Sun Bathers Association was established, offering a network of ‘sun clubs’.

In 1964 it merged with the Federation of British Sun Clubs to become the Central Council of British Naturism, which still exists today as British Naturism.

Still want to know more? Have a look at this documentary on naturism from 1957.


Naturism in the UK: A Growing Movement

Today there are more than 3.7 million people in the UK who class themselves as ‘naturists’, according to a poll in 2011. So what’s the appeal? The British Naturism Organisation says being naked is good for you. Allowing your skin to breathe and be exposed to sunlight offers health benefits, while it also helps you unwind mentally.

Those who have embraced naturism claim to be happier, less stressed, more body confident and content. The organisation is working to battle opinion that nudity is embarrassing or shameful and to promote positive body image.


Naturism and Naturist Massage: Finding Out More

If you are interested in exploring naturism, a good way to start is by booking a naturist massage. This will allow you to experience being naked with your therapist in a safe and relaxed environment.

At Embrace Massage, we offer a range of naturist massages. As well as holistic treatments, we provide sensual full-body massages given by nude therapists. These employ body to body and/or tantric techniques, taking the skin on skin contact a step further.

In a body to body massage, the masseuse will make full contact against you with their naked body, using their buttocks, breasts, thighs and feet to stimulate you. This treatment also includes massage of the genitals and erogenous zones and you will be aroused to the point of sexual release.

Nuru massages are given in a similar way but also include use of a slippery lubricant derived from seaweed.

During a classic Tantric massage, the therapist is nude but uses only their hands. However, all parts of the client’s body are caressed and stimulated, ultimately resulting in climax.


Exploring Naturist Massage With Your Partner

Couples massage allows you to explore nudism and sensuality with your partner. We provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere to help you feel at ease if you are discovering naked massage for the first time. You and your partner will be able to lie side by side, while two nude masseuses (male and female or both female) stimulate your naked bodies from head to toe. Experiencing this with your loved one is incredibly erotic and can heighten your relationship.


Experience Naturist Massage for Yourself

Embrace Massage offer several different types of fully-nude naturist massages. We operate in London, Bristol and Cardiff, and have beautiful masseuses who can visit you at home or in your hotel suite seven days a week.

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