In the unlikely event of a cancellation on the arrival of the masseuse a fee of £50 will apply. Cancellations past the first 15 minutes of the masseuse arriving will incur the full amount stated at the time of the booking confirmation.

Please have the exact fee of the massage ready on arrival of the masseuse.

All prices include travel fees within the central London area. For bookings outside the central London area transport fees will apply. Please enquire about travel fee details on request of your booking.

If, on arrival of the masseuse, the client is in any way under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or the clients intent and behavior not adhered to as stated in our policies, Embrace Massage has the right to refuse our service, for the safety of our staff.

Embrace Massage massage is an erotic sensual and tantric experience but under NO circumstances is this an invitation for masseuse to perform oral sex or intercourse.

The client will endeavor to remain passive throughout the massage.


Please set the room temperature to a warm setting which is comfortable both to you and the masseuse.

Please take a shower before their arrival. Masseuses reserve the right to ask the client to re-shower or terminated the massage if the client is not hygienically clean.

Please provide plenty of clean towels.


The client will endeavor to remain passive throughout the entire massage. The masseuses have the right to terminate the massage if they feel the client has not adhered to these terms.


Please allow your masseuse to shower after your massage and make sure clean towels are available for them. If you do not have these facilities make sure you let the operator know when you make the booking.

Take this time to relax and enjoy the afterglow of the delights you’ve just encountered.

If you do not adhere to all of the terms and conditions above, Embrace Massage has the right to immediately and permanently ban you from our services.

The above terms and conditions apply equally and without conditions to all our clients.

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